Three basic movements of Barbells

Barbell is a kind of core training and training equipment, and also a lifting equipment. Barbell is a kind of weight training, only use barbell training equipment to improve muscle strength training. It can also use barbell to carry out core training to promote the overall coordination.

Barbell classification

1. Standard barbell: consists of barbell bar (horizontal bar), barbell piece and clamp. The international competition of weightlifting must use the international standard barbell approved by the international lifting Association, including men’s barbell and women’s barbell. The difference is mainly on the barbell bar, which is the same standard. The men’s barbell is 2.20 meters long and weighs 20 kg, while the women’s barbell is 2.15 meters long and weighs 15 kg.

2. Non standard barbell: the structure muscle building cardio workouts is the same as the standard barbell, the size requirements are not strict, the production requirements are not high, the weight can be freely regulated, and the stone pole used by the people can also be replaced. In addition, in order to meet some special requirements, if it is necessary to develop a certain part of the muscle, various kinds of special barbell can be made as required (such as the bending shaft barbell, bow barbell and ring type lifting bell, etc.).

How to use barbell

1. Hip training

When carrying out barbell push, we should prepare for the exercise, so that when the barbell is pushed, it will not cause the strain of your muscles. First, let your body muscles be fully in a tight state, and the whole body will have a warm exercise, and then choose the appropriate weight of the barbell according to the time of your exercise. One is to select the weight of the barbell according to the time of exercise In life, the choice of the weight of the barbell is that the female lifts the barbell after the preparation work is handled in 5kg for men in three kilograms. The distance between the arm opening and the shoulder should be uniform. Then, the position of the toes and the knees should be on the same level. Then, slowly put their own toes on the same level as their knees Squat down and lift the barbell.

2. Chest exercises

In ordinary life, some barbell push training can help your chest muscles to play a good way of exercise. When exercising in ordinary life, pay attention to the time of exercise and the weight of the barbell. Generally, the weight of barbell is 3.5kg for men, and for women, it is OK to have a weight of 2.5kg, and they are born in normal times In the life, you can adjust the training time to about five minutes to six minutes, not too long or too short. During training, you should lay your body flat on the ground, then lift the barbell. During the lifting process, pay attention to the rhythm, and slowly carry out. In the process of lifting and lowering the barbell, remember the distance from which the barbell is lowered and the chest of your chest should be kept in the shape of a fist, so as to make the training effect more obvious.