Sealing In Tough To Seal Fluid Handling Applications

mechanical shaft seal 

Mechanical seals prevent the pumped fluid from leaking into the atmosphere. The mechanical seal essentially consists of two flat, annular sliding surfaces that are pressed together. A single sliding surface is fixed to the stationary machine casing, whilst the other sliding surface is fixed to the rotating shaft. The medium to be sealed, which is generally in make contact with with the outer edge of the sliding surfaces, penetrates the gap among the sliding surfaces, forming a lubricating film, and emerges at the inner edge as leakage. The stress differential to be sealed is established in the radial direction. In its simplest form, a mechanical seal can be imagined as a collar that is arranged on, and rotates with, the shaft.

A hole in a hose or leak on the inlet side of the pump causes air to get in. The pump will act as if it’s starving for water. It may possibly even pulsate. When the water level in your tank reaches a point beneath the leak in the hose, air will replace the water and you are going to get zero pressure. That tends to make it quite challenging to wash something.

Swagelok mechanical seal support kits and assemblies function common designs that contain the minimum arrangement of components as specified by API 682. We avoid pipe threads and limit the number of connections wherever attainable when building seal help systems, minimizing potential for pricey leaks.

With decades of experience, NASH is in a position to service specially engineered mechanical seals for bead mills of all brands. The design of mechanical seals consists of a pair of principal seal faces, inserted mountings, shaft packing’s and hardware like collars, compression rings and gland rings.

Chemical Seal is a mechanical seal which is made of ceramic. Its chemical name is Aluminium oxide (Al2O3). It has two kinds, varying with purity composition of 96% and 99.9%. Due to its high purity 99.9% it is largely used in acid applications. Even there is a larger usage in the market we can not use the ceramic face exactly where the medium have larger temperature fluctuation. The higher temperature fluctuation will lead a thermal crack on the face of seal.

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Silakan lihat gambar di atas. Titik pengeblokan utama (principal sealing) adalah pada contactface, titik pertemuan 2 buah sealfaces, lihat Point A. Jalur kebocoran di Point B diblok oleh suatu -Ring, atau V-Ring atau Wedge (baca: WED). Sedangkan jalur kebocoran di Point C dan Point D, diblok dengan gasket atau -Ring.

They need to also seek out noted industry authorities such as Heinz Bloch, Lev Nelik and Jim Elsey. These guys have decades of expertise and are prolific writers (like in this publication) whose articles are valuable to steer clear of typical pitfalls. The mysteries surrounding mechanical seals have triggered a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation.