Optimize the new rural home design to build a suitable habitat

1 Analysis of home design in new rural construction

Traditional rural home design characteristics. The design layout is mostly centered on the yard, and this design pattern is relatively simple. Farmers also love this layout, can use the doorway small yard, plant some fruits and vegetables, but the overall more single.

The appearance and decoration of the home design is also simpler, in line with the local characteristics. For example, the appearance of the building in western Hunan region is mainly based on the hanging foot building, the entity to the wooden building, the interior is basically not so complex as the site decoration, with no waterproof paint and painting walls.

2 Analysis of the current situation and characteristics of home design in new rural construction

China’s new rural residential plan space design is unreasonable and the function is not clear. In some residences, the kitchen and bathroom are opposite to each other, which is not good for sanitation; the layout is also unreasonable, and the thinking is traditional and conservative.

Many residences, have a particularly large living room, and will even compare with neighbors whose living room is large, or have a relatively large study, but do not read books, just to increase the cultural atmosphere.

At the same time, now the new rural residential construction is also relatively backward, land wasted more of. The average household, have a large yard, will take up a certain area, even larger than the home base. And the seismic resistance of these houses is also not good, without certain safety assurance and emergency relief facilities. Many homes take a long time to build, taking 1 to 2 years to complete, and the construction standards are not uniform and the quality of construction is not guaranteed. Although the residential home design takes a long time, it is not designed to make people satisfied.

3 Analysis of optimal design countermeasures of home design in new rural construction

  3.1 Diversification and living of household structure

The current home design has unreasonable layout and poor functionality. Combined with the current economic development, the household type should be diversified and developed and living. The house type should be designed according to the needs of most people.

Previously, in traditional houses, the bathroom and kitchen were in the yard, not next to the bedroom. Now the new rural construction, are planning the construction area, each family does not have their own land to build a yard. The kitchen and toilet can be added inside the house home design, more humane and hygienic. No longer the same as before, there are human and animal waste everywhere. In the summer, it is a breeding mosquitoes.

  3.2 Home design to green ecological, low-cost-based

Green ecological design, is the people’s ecosystem of living environment and structure and function as the object of study, through the scientific design and arrangement, and finally make the system structure and function to achieve overall optimization.

Color ecological design obtains an eco-balanced building environment with high efficiency, less waste and less pollution, and it meets the requirements of the concept of sustainable development, reflecting the saving of resources, reducing pollution, creating a healthy and comfortable living environment as well as echoing with the surrounding ecological environment, and constructing a suitable and sustainable living environment for human beings.

  3.3 The principles of home design in new rural construction

Home design in the new rural construction should follow the principles of holistic personality conception, economy and ecology. For home design should be holistic design, cost saving, ecological guarantee. Home design focuses on suitable for everyone to live, so that the occupants live in a smooth and healthy living environment is very important.

The location of the new rural construction is generally more extensive, you can use solar energy, hot water on sunny days, saving electricity costs. Now the new rural areas can use natural gas as energy source, which is more environmental friendly.

  3.4 Suggestions of home design details in the new rural construction

  3.4.1 Design of living room

The living room in the home design in the new rural construction needs to be arranged with the actual situation of the household in terms of size. In general, the living room is not very efficient to use. For most people, the role of the living room is mainly used for watching TV and meeting guests. If it is mainly for meeting guests, you can arrange less area. After all, the practicality is not as strong as the bedroom kitchen. For some small households, the living room area can be reduced a bit, separated by a partition wall, to do closet, shoe cabinet are good choices.

  3.4.2 Bedroom design

Now the main function of the bedroom or rest, for different households, there are different requirements. Some tenants have higher requirements for light, so they can choose the direction with better lighting as the bedroom. Of course, it is best to bring curtains inside the room, which can control the light. The rest will not be affected by the light during the day.

  3.4.3 Kitchen design

The key to the design of the kitchen is good ventilation, because the fumes will make the living environment becomes bad, timely discharge of fumes, is the best choice. The sanitary environment of the kitchen also has to be paid attention to, designing cabinets and placing tableware. In the case of narrow space, the space is developed upwards, which also saves floor space. The usual chopping boards choppers, and other cooking utensils should be placed in the cabinets after drying.

  3.4.4 Bathroom design

The bathroom of home design in the new rural construction is also the focus, generally speaking, its use is very high. Previously, rural bathrooms were particularly dirty and smelled bad, and the main reason for this was the water source problem. Now that the new rural construction has realized collective water supply, the bathroom can be made into a flushing type. The shower system can also be used together, completely solving the problem of bathing.

4 Conclusion

  This paper puts forward the above countermeasures for the optimization of rural permanent residence design in the new rural construction, hoping to provide some suggestions for the new rural construction, so that the new rural home design is more reasonable and more suitable for human habitation.