How to use the squat rack

Squat exercises should choose appropriate exercise methods. First, we need to open our legs, then maintain the waist to stand, then adjust our own inhalation, squat slowly, until the knee joint appears parallel, and then maintain it for 1 minute. The time is slowly rising. Repeated squat exercises like this can help you lose weight and exercise your hip shape, and it can also improve the body’s resistance and stretch the muscles of the legs.

When a girl has just started to box dumbbells practice weight-bearing squats in the early stages, it is recommended to apply Smith frame to load-bearing squats. Compared with the casual squat rack, Ash Constantin is more secure, and it is also easier to maintain the waist and assist in the stationary training posture.

Use wide-distance squats. When performing wide-distance squats, separate the roots of the thighs wider than the shoulders. When using this stance to carry out weight-bearing squats, target the outer thigh root, hip adductor major, medial femoris, and outer thigh Muscles and butt muscle groups can develop deep-level stimulation. Therefore, wide-distance squats can gather a large number of muscles to carry out work, which is also the overall goal of compound postures, as much as possible in a posture to use as many muscle groups as possible.

Tighten your heels, tighten your abdomen, place the dumbbells behind your neck, grasp the dumbbells with both hands, straighten your body, look straight ahead with your eyes, and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Bent the knees and gradually squat until the roots of the thighs are parallel to the road surface or slightly smaller than the knees. After maintaining, the quadriceps and other muscles are gathered together vigorously. Posture rhythm: squat down for 2-3 seconds, stand still for 1-2 seconds, raise your leg for 2 seconds.